How SAP vulnerability would affect your system?

How SAP vulnerability would affect your system?

More than 50000 companies are likely to be suffered from cyber-attacks.  As per the investigation, the forensic specialist had exposed that the old vulnerability is not correctly fixed and new methods of exploitation are discovered for the same.

SAP is a leading German based software company. That has been developing enterprise software for managing business operations and customer relations.

As per the Onapsis, the security firm, aware Reuters that the new ways to exploit weakness in a system has found. And those weaknesses were not even patched correctly. The year old vulnerability has not been patched. However, SAP has issued the information, ways to correctly patch the vulnerability in 2009 and 2013. Though, 90 percent of affected SAP systems are not yet secured.

How SAP vulnerability would affect your system?

How SAP vulnerability would affect your system?

Onapsis Chief Executive Mariano Nunez told the news outlet. “With these exploits, a hacker could steal anything that sits on a company’s SAP systems and also modify any information there — so he can perform financial fraud, withdraw money, or just plainly sabotage and disrupt the systems.” SAP responded to them, SAP has always strongly recommended to the customers and partners to install security fixes as they launched any new security updates.

SAP commented that the security is the collaborative process, along with us our clients and customers need to safeguard their system as well.  SAP system is responsible for marinating and managing about 90 percent of the organizations worldwide, hence maintaining its security is crucial task. According to report, Researchers at Onapsis said the firm is naming the vulnerability “10KBLAZE,” as it possess to business critical applications. If any of the SAP system is hacked it could result in “material misstatements” in U.S.

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