ABAP remains a key language as many SAP business applications and custom developments are written in ABAP, with Courses for sap ABAP on HANA training there are numerous improvements. The ABAP language, which allows writing streamlined ABAP code and benefit from SAP HANA. SAP HANA is a relational DBMS in SAP ERP which is related to database servers. The main function of SAP HANA is to store and retrieve data in applications. SAP HANA includes many features which have increased the overall market penetration of it. Few of them are the ability to handle Big Data, Excellent Data Processing, Cloud-Based Deployment, Speedy and Simple Reports etc.

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Course Details for SAP ABAP on HANA

Batch TypeOnline and Instructor Led Training
Duration2 months
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Syllabus for SAP ABAP on HANA

Introduction to SAP HANA

Introduction to IMCE (In-Memory Computing Engine)
Row v/s Column Store
Software and Hardware advancements

Evolution to SAP HANA – 1.0 to 2.0

Usage of SAP HANA with SAP Products

As secondary DB



The setup you Courses for SAP ABAP on HANA training instance in CAL

Connection to your HANA system via HANA Studio

SQL Console

Introduction to HANA Users

SAP HANA Information Modeling

Attribute Views

Analytic Views

Calculation Views

Graphical Calculation Views

Scripted Calculation Views

Decision Table

With value update

Without value update

The concept of currency conversion

The concept of Dimensions and Measures

SQL Scripting in SAP HANA

SAP HANA Anonymous blocks

Scripted procedures in SAP HANA

User Defined functions in SAP HANA

Reuse functions for SQL queries


Introduction to ADT (ABAP Development Tools)

ABAP on eclipse

ABAP project in eclipse

Working with ADT shortcuts, the inline view

Optimizing developer efficiency with ADT

Introduction to the schema of ABAP in SAP HANA

Evolution of SAP Netweaver and capabilities

Introduction to DDL, DML, DCL, DQL

New syntax in ABAP

Inline data declaration

Dynamic memory references

SQL statements with escaping of host variables

HANA transport container

New tooling updates in ABAP

SQL monitor SQLM

Code inspector variants

Data migration points

Static checks with SQL performance – SWLT

SQL Performance worklist monitor

Advanced features of SAP ABAP on HANA

Introduction to code-to-data paradigm

Code push down to Database

Integration cloud system to HANA Cloud Platform using Cloud Connector

Performance improvement using SAP HANA

ABAP Database Connectivity API (ADBC)

Open Item analysis scenario using ADBC

ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP)

CDS Introduction

Core Data Services (CDS) Views

CDS Associations

CDS View on View

S/4 HANA CDS VDM(Virtual Data Model)

Basic/Interface Views

Composite Views

Consumption Views

CDS Annotations

ObjectModel Annotations

Data Annotations

Analytical Annotations

EndUser annotations

UI Annotations

CDS View Table Functions

CDS DCL (Authorizations and secure programming)

Consuming CDS in Analytical Tools

CDS BOPF integration


IDA (Integrated Data Access)

Full-Text Search with SAP HANA

Fuzzy search for search helps with SAP HANA

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