S4 HANA Simple Logistics

SAP HANA Simple Logistics

SAP SAP HANA simple logistics is also known as HANA enterprise management. Different area of business is combined in this suit itself like HANA enterprise-management helps in faster and efficient processing of business data in the area of logistics, supply chain, procurement, user experience, sales, partner management. So Course for SAP SAP HANA simple logistics training have subsectors like SAP S/4HANA Sales, SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain, etc. which are very easy and quick to learn.

So, by learning this suit itself, one can become expert in the use of sap software for varied work in a business. The area not covered by SAP HANA simple logistics or enterprise management are Finance and human resource, these two are covered by other SAP HANA functional components.

If you wish to be part of software industry or for any reason wish to change job profile or just wish to enhance your skill set to be even more valuable, be part of SAP.

Many big IT conglomerates of both India and overseas use SAP HANA suits and hence this course will give you ample leverage in career growth.

According to NEWS, SAP has announced €5.26bn revenue for the first quarter of 2018, of which €1.1bn i.e. about 21% of the total – was for cloud subscription and support. The SAP HANA logistics is part of this cloud-based subscriptions. So be the part of growth worthy area. Do call us.

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Course Details for SAP HANA Simple Logistics

Batch TypeOnline and Instructor Led Training
Duration2 months
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Syllabus for SAP HANA Simple Logistics

Sap simple logistics ─ overview
Erp model vs s/4 Hana data model
Sap s/4 Hana business suite ─ key features ap simple logistics ─ main components
Inventory management
Material valuation
Material requirements planning
Run and analysisSap simple logistics ─ simplification item
Extended material number functionality activation
Simplification categoriesSap simple logistics ─ business partner
Sap simple logistics ─ MIGO
Transaction elimination/dead code
Check simplification list
Sap Fiori UX
Deployment types
Supply chain planning
Integrated business planning
Create per
MRP procedures
MRP key features
Procurement types
Execute MRP live
Operational procurement
Invoice management
Contract management
Perform procurement & transfer stock
Execute discrete production
Create a business partner
Analyze incoming sales orders