SAP FICO ( Financial Accounting) Online Training And Certification in Pune

  • Instructor: Varad
  • Duration: 10 weeks

Elearning solutions is the best SAP FICO training institute in Pune. SAP FICO is the Finance and Cost controlling module is one of the most important and widely used SAP ERP modules among organizations. As it is very robust and encounter almost all the business processes. In SAP FICO, FI stands for Financial Accounting and CO stands for Controlling.

SAP FICO course in Pune is designed for beginners as well as intermediate learners or professionals. The syllabus of the course is smartly crafted by the SAP FICO experts to meet the industrial requirements. Elearning solutions is well equipped with lab and study material. The training is provided on the real-time data so that the student would get an exact scenario of how to execute and accomplished tasks. Tutors at the training possess more 5 years of industrial experience. So, they give job-oriented training. Hence, the students from this institute are able to show knowledge and confidence during interview processes.

SAP FICO online training and certification will teach you how to use modules such as organizational structure, financial accounting, general ledger, tax and GST configuration, treasure management, asset accounting and so on. Prerequires of SAP FICO is you must possess basics knowledge about accounting and SAP ERP.

Detail Syllabus for SAP FICO Module Training

Introduction to SAP

  • History of the SAP
  • Different SAP FICO modules
  • Introduction to SAP FICO

Enterprises structure

  • Creation of the company
  • Company code
  • Business Area
  • Functional area
  • Segment area
  • Fm area
  • Assignments

Financial accounting global settings

  • Fiscal year variant
  • Posting period
  • Document type
  • Posting keys
  • Field status variant

New general ledger concept

  • Maintenance of Leading & Non-leading ledger
  • Activation of Non-leading ledger
  • Scenario’s & customer fields for non-leading ledgers
  • Ledger group
  • Document splitting concept

General ledger accounting and global settings

  • Chart of accounts
  • Accounting groups
  • Assignment

General ledger

  • Creation and maintenance of account master
  • Transaction entry
  • Document parking and holding
  • Recurring entry/sample document

Creation and maintenance of house bank

  • Maintenance of house bank
  • Maintenance of chequ. lots
  • Cash journal

Account receivable/account payable

  • Creation of customer/vendor master record
  • Invoice entry
  • Incoming/outgoing payments
  • Automatic payment programmer
  • Special GL ledger
  • Dunning
  • Payment terms

Asset accounting

  • Chart of depreciation
  • Asset classes
  • Account determination
  • Creation of asset
  • Acquisition of asset
  • Retirement of asset
  • Depreciation run
  • Scrape of asset
  • Transfer of asset


  • Maintain controlling area
  • Maintain versions
  • Maintain co-document no ranges

Cost element/cost center accounting

  • Maintenance of cost elements (automatically, manually)
  • Maintenance of cost center master
  • Maintenance of activity types
  • Planning of cost center

Internal order

  • Maintenance of internal order types
  • Maintenance of internal orders
  • Planning of internal order
  • Settlement of internal order
  • Budgeting of internal order

Product cost controlling

  • Cost estimation
  • Price updating
  • Costing sheet maintenance
  • Costing variant maintenance
  • Work in progress calculation
  • Variance calculation
  • Order settlement

Profitability analysis

  • Maintenance of operating concern
  • Assign operating concern to controlling area
  • Assign quantity fields and assign value fields
  • Direct posting for FI-MM
  • Report painter configuration
  • Execution of reports

Profit center accounting

  • Controlling area settings
  • Maintenance profit center (Dummy/Original)
  • Assignment of sales revenue account to profit center
  • Maintain number ranges for profit center local document.
  • Execution of profit center report

Financial statement versions

  • A configuration of financial statement versions
  • Execution of reports
  • Year-end closing activities
  • Period-end closing activities
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